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BBA Community for international women
Friendship while living abroad

Welcome to BBA, a community for international ambitious women looking to network, make meaningful connections, and navigate the professional world abroad.

About Us

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Our Mission

At Business Babes Abroad we are dedicated to empowering women who have chosen to pursue their professional journeys abroad. Through our diverse meet-ups and events, insightful workshops, and valuable online resources, we foster entrepreneurship, professional growth, and creating lasting friendships.



Professional Development

Cultural Exchange

Our community is made up of women from diverse backgrounds and industries. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment where women can network, collaborate, and learn from one another while navigating the unique challenges and opportunities of living abroad. As we continue to grow, we aspire to inspire and uplift women across different cities, enabling them to thrive and make their mark on the global business stage.

Join us for real talk about the struggles of living abroad, genuine networking where we all want to see everyone grow and succeed, and the kind of support that feels like your family away from home.

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