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  • What is BBA?
    Our community is made up of women from diverse backgrounds and industries. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment where women can network, collaborate, and learn from one another while navigating the unique challenges and opportunities of living abroad. As we continue to grow, we aspire to inspire and uplift women across different cities, enabling them to thrive and make their mark on the global business stage.
  • How did BBA start?
    Business Babes Abroad - Hamburg (BBA) was originally created as a group for women in Marketing. What started out as a new Facebook group in 2018 quickly showed that Hamburg-based women professionals were missing something. As the group grew, it became clear that this could serve a purpose for womxn in other fields, so it was opened to all career-oriented women and LGBTQ+ in Hamburg & beyond.
  • What can I expect from BBA?
    Real talk about the struggles of living abroad, genuine networking & friendship, we all want to see everyone grow and succeed, support that feels like your family away from home
  • Who's the founder of BBA?
    Hannah (@hannahteslin) I'm a Canadian girl, living & working abroad in Hamburg, Germany. I moved to Hamburg in 2014 from Vancouver Island after finishing my degree in Tourism & Event Management. I’ve lived and breathed Hamburg since then! My full-time job is as a Global Event Marketing Manager, but my side passions are creating content about life in Germany. I am now the community manager of Business Babes Abroad - Hamburg, have a growing TikTok account (+100k) about my life in Germany/Europe & love to write stories and share videos about my life on Instagram (+90k). Aside from all that, you can find me dancing in my little flat in Eimsbüttel on a daily basis or biking to my favourite yoga class.
  • Who is BBA for?
    BBA is a group for international women (LGBTQIA+ inclusive) navigating the professional world in Germany. Of course we mean geographically international, but also those with an international mindset, i.e. Germans are welcome!
  • What does BBA offer?
    Networking events Coworking Clubs Fun meet-ups to make new connections Channels for support/advice from the community Workshops & webinars Newsletters, local tips, and engaging content Opportunities for brands to engage our audience
  • Where is BBA present?
    Hamburg Munich Further cities soon! Virtually
  • Who is behind BBA?
    Aside from our founder Hannah, a group of passionate admins & volunteers from the community!
  • How can I join the BBA community?
    So happy to hear you want to be a part of the BBA community! You can click here to sign up: Join Our Community Once you've joined, you'll gain access to our main Whatsapp chat group, and can join any of our sub-groups.
  • What kind of sub-groups do you have within the BBA community?
    Our Whatsapp sub-groups include: - BBA Hamburg - BBA München - BBA Sporty Babes - BBA Job Postings - BBA LGBTQ+ - BBA Self-Employed - BBA Hot Girl Walks (HH) - BBA 40+ - BBA Mamas - BBA Marketing Girlies - BBA Tech Girlies and more to come!
  • How can I contribute/participate?
    Thanks for offering! We'd love to hear your ideas for how you'd like to contribute. BBAs often volunteer at our events or coworking sessions, or share their expertise in a community workshop, or maybe you're interested in opening a BBA chapter in a new city? Whatever your idea is, we'd love to hear it! You can email us at or write us via our contact page.
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