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Write For Us

Do you have an idea for an article that would be helpful or entertaining for other BBAs? Write for us and get a by-line and a chance to add it to your portfolio!

Some ideas for articles:

  • Tips for people looking for jobs in [your field]

  • Experiences and learnings from working/living in Germany, starting a business, learning life lessons

  • Challenges of XYZ (e.g. living abroad, being a single mom in Germany, going through medical problems, etc.) in Germany and how to deal with them/overcome them

  • What it's like to be [insert something about you] in Germany

  • Sh*t Happens: your story of making a mistake or surviving something in your career or life

  • ...any other topics you think would work for our audience of international professional womxn in Germany

IMPORTANT: This is an unpaid opportunity as we are building this community up. We are using this blog as a chance to channel the wisdom from the community and allow writers to not only help others, but to also add to their portfolio. 

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Submit Your Article

About You

Portrait for your author bio (you can also add to your Google Drive folder below)

Upload File

Sharing options

It's easiest for us if you create your article using Google Drive/Google Docs. This is also convenient if you have relevant photos to use in the article.

Add your article and photos to a folder in Google Drive so everything is in one spot. ​

Once you're ready to share, right click on your folder name within Google Drive. Then click "get shareable link". On the popup, click "Share Settings." From the options, please select: "Anyone with the link can edit" and copy the link. Come back here and paste your link in the field below and then hit SUBMIT.

Would you like us to proofread your article before publishing?

Thanks for submitting!


Do I need to be a professional writer to submit an article?

Definitely not! We encourage novice to experienced writers to contribute, even if English isn't your first language.

Is it guaranteed that my article will be posted?

If your topic is relevant for our audience and hasn't been done on our blog before, then we will post it! If we feel the article needs to be edited in any way, we will let you know.

What's the basic format for an article?

Ideally you deliver 1,000-1,500 words in total, with plenty of headings to give it structure and a sort of roadmap for the reader. Nobody wants to read a continuous wall of text! 

Need more tips? Check out this article from Yoast, which gives a great overview on structuring blog posts:

Can I submit something that has already been published somewhere else?

If you've written something for another publication that you think would also work for our audience, that's no problem with us! As long as you have permission from the other publication that it can be shared elsewhere, it's totally fine.

Can I use AI tools to help me write my article?

Things like Chat GPT or Google Bard are super helpful in many ways, but they are not writing tools, they are more like assistants for writers.

If you can tell something has been written by AI, does it make you feel differently about the topic at hand? Especially if it's about a personal experience or tips from another person? Our advice: Use AI to your advantage but use them with caution.

How will I know when my article is posted?

We’ll send you an email or reach out with the link to your article once it’s live, or if we have any follow-up questions. We can’t guarantee a “post by” date when you submit your article as we try to keep our editorial calendar consistent.

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